Reita Johnston, Certified Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

Reita Johnston, Certified Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

So, what is coaching?  

As a Certified Coach, I offer an unbiased perspective and support you to to move forward in life at greater pace, with the sole purpose of you achieving your goals and discovering a happier and more fulfilling life.  An effective coach is someone who reads in-between the lines and listens beyond the spoken word, facilitates action, draws out ideas, helps you overcome challenges + old triggers, provides you with valuable insight and supports you in conquering your fears as you gain confidence and step into your own power. 


How it works + what to expect...

Change and growth is a pretty big commitment + investment of your time and energy which is why I coach conveniently via phone or Skype to fit into your busy lifestyle.  During our first session, it's my goal to create a comfortable and judgement free environment where we'll discuss where and who you want to be, where you may feel stuck, what's important to you, what your dreams are and what challenges you're facing.

From there, we'll decide our meeting schedule + create a customized plan with obtainable actions and milestones to help guide you forward.  Coaching isn't just about creating a clear vision, it's also about putting heartfelt and authentic action to it.  With all sessions, I do expect you to do the work outside of our time together + be willing to take the steps necessary to move your own life forward.  


Transform your life, schedule a discovery call: 

*As a certified life coach, I follow the International Coach Federation {ICF} and International Association of Coaching {IAC} guidelines with strict confidentiality, keeping all conversations and and information shared during sessions private.

What you get with each session:

A safe + judgement free space

Accountability + support

Customized 1:1 coaching

Obtainable actions to move you forward

Follow up support 




Reita is a lifesaver. No, really. I thought I would be able to come to her and tell her my laundry list of goals and walk away with some fairy godmother dust to magically get it all done. But what happened was so much better. She supported me though the goals, yes, but she nudged me to look deeper at them (and myself) at the same time. Without even realizing it happened, the gentle wisdom she offered turned into some pretty deep realizations. My goals have shifted in the best possible way, and I’m finally feeling ready to move forward instead of just treading water. Reita is kind, affirming, funny, and attentive. I can’t thank her enough for the work she did with me and the service she provides to the world.
— B.S.
Reita is real! She listens with the heart of an angel and you can feel how caring she is just by being in her presence. She takes it to a whole nother level when she looks at you with those knowing eyes and she has a way of gently but firmly nudging you out of your comfort zone while somehow convincing you that YES, you can go after your dreams!
— J.S.
Reita has helped me gain clarity with the very things that I had difficulties with. She helped me recognize that although stuff happens in life sometimes we have to stop for a moment and just breathe. Life can be chaotic and that’s okay you just have to create a vision and go for what your heart desires. Be a warrior not a worrier!! Everything else will fall in place.
— K.W.
Reita is an amazing coach. She has helped me see through my own stuff and what’s really going on so I can be powerful in my life. Reita is not afraid to let me know when I could be the problem in my own life so I can achieve my dreams. Thank you Reita for showing me other ways to see what’s right in front of me.
— R.D.