What is Reiki?  

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing in the body.  Our bodies are made up of energy (matter) in an energetic world and has a natural and innate ability to heal~ think of what happens when you get a paper cut.  This is the essence of Reiki (pronounced RAY-key).  Reiki is the transfer of the highest healing energies from one to another by using the power of touch or "laying on hands".  It amplifies your body's ability to heal and release blocks which cause physical, emotional or mental distress.  

Reiki rebalances your mind + body + spirit allowing you to feel more grounded, clear and vibrant. By balancing and clearing our chakras (the energetic center of our bodies), we're able to intensify the energy we send out which in turn help us to transform ourselves and our lives more quickly.  

 Reita Johnston, Certified Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

Reita Johnston, Certified Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

Weaving Reiki in with Coaching helps enhance and increase momentum in your transformation by helping to dissolve old stories and triggers, increases your ability to tap into your inner wisdom and creates a deep relaxation which helps the body release stress and tension.


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What you get with each session:

A safe + judgement free space

Mind + Body + Heart connection

Chakra reading

Obtainable actions to move you forward in life

Chocolate + Organic Nuts + Water

Follow-up support



I had the pleasure to receive reiki from Reita. What an amazing experience, it felt like an energetic massage and my energy field was all warm and light afterwards. I could fell shifts and movement and her intuition matched up with my release. It was really nice to have a snack and refreshment afterwards, energy work always makes me hungry. Thanks so much, Aho!
— T.W.
Reita helped align my energy in a gentle and beautiful way. Her energy is positive and peaceful. My session was relaxing and pleasant. Can’t wait to have another one.
— V.C.