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Trauma Informed Life Coaching + Reiki on LetsIntegrate.org

Seattle based Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, workshop facilitator, writer and the founder of Power House Coaching is on the Integrate! Network YouTube Channel sharing the basics of Trauma Informed Reiki, creating safe space, managing mindset through transition & change and self-care.


Creating safe space


Managing Mindset Through Transition and Change


Self-Care During Change

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Need a Provider That Understands the Impact of Trauma?
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Need a Provider That Understands the Impact of Trauma?

Reita Johnston of Power House Coaching is a trauma-informed human service provider listed with the Integrate! Network.


Integrate! is an integrated grass roots Trauma-Informed Community Network of social workers, educators, yoga teachers, therapists, nurses, artists, parents, foster parents, counselors, massage therapists, doctors and other human service providers—as well as survivors that are dedicated to street level resiliency and healing across America. 

Integrate! creates social networking opportunities for professionals and individuals wanting to learn more about Trauma Smart Practices to connect and support each other. By using a variety of embodied ways that minimize the effects of compassion fatigue, the network helps to increase the capacity for professionals and parents to show up for their clients, students, families, and children, with the capacity to provide compassionate and Trauma Smart Practices. By integrating powerful resources across America, our national approach offers a wider scale of knowledge on healing through resiliency building and self-care for professionals and survivors. Integrate! was originally founded in St. Louis as the Trauma-Informed Network of St. Louis, where its head quarters still remain.

If you or someone you know needs a provider that understands the impact of trauma, click the website below. 


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The Empowerment Show: Just Rita Real Talk LIVE Radio
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The Empowerment Show: Just Rita Real Talk LIVE Radio

Rita and Reita have joined together to empower YOU!  Too many times we find ourselves feeling powerless in everyday life...we'll focus on how you can be empowered by changing your mindset no matter what has happened in your life. You can have it all just by being your confident self!  

Listen to the replay HERE


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