The Freedom circle

Balance, freedom and confidence for the busy woman on the go

A community centered around helping you take control of your life, build momentum towards your goals and learning how to create the time, space and freedom to do the things most important to you... starting right where you are.

“I created The Freedom Journal as a guide to support you in getting out of your own way because life's too short to feel stuck in a mundane and boring routine of still not living out your dreams.  You really can move your life forward, starting right where you are with what you have and I'm going to show you how." -Reita

What others are saying....


"Reita has helped me gain clarity with the very things that I had difficulties with. She helped me recognize that although life can be chaotic and that’s okay, you have to create a vision and go for what your heart desires." -K.W., Mother 


"Reita is an amazing coach.  She's helped me see through my own stuff and what’s really going on so I can be powerful in my life. Reita is not afraid to let me know when I could be the problem in my own life so I can achieve my dreams." -R.D., Coach and Radio Show Host, Just Rita Real Talk