How does Life coaching work?

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All things start with a conversation about YOUR unique needs first. Let’s make sure that I'm the best fit for what you need BEFORE our relationship gets started.

Customized Sessions

Goal setting is crucial to your success, and these customized goals will be the guiding force throughout our relationship.

We Meet Often

I’m here to keep you on course for your success. We’ll talk through your wins, your challenges and you’ll gain the resources, skills and tools you need to win.

You Reach Your Goals

With your determination and my guidance, your goals become attainable, and the life you long for becomes a reality.



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60-minute Clarity Call


If you’re new to coaching and want to see how it could benefit you before committing to a package, you’re not alone. In this one time session, we'll discuss your ultimate life vision, where the gaps are, what you're currently struggling with and I'll help you identify your next steps to move your life forward.

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Fresh Start Bundle


Package of 4 x 60-minute coaching or healing sessions.

Phone coaching is perfect for the person on the go. Take the call conveniently in your home, office, car, or any quiet and safe place.

Virtual sessions via Skype also available.

*Additional Bonuses Included

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Restoring 180


An exclusive 8-week whole-self restorative program. Includes 8 X 60-minute sessions.

*Additional Bonuses Included

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Couples/ Group


An exclusive 12-week reconnection and restorative program for you and your loved ones. Includes 12 X 60-minute sessions.

2 person minimum. Add $75/ person over 2 up to 5 people max.

*Additional Bonuses Included

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Is Life Coaching Therapy?

No, Life Coaching IS NOT therapy. Therapy often involves digging up your past and rehashing old stories to define how and why. Yes, the past plays a role in your current situation, but coaching focuses on the present, taking you from where you are now and moving you forward, with a solid action plan.

Although I use many behavioral, psychological and somatic components to support you in your growth, I DO NOT diagnose, prescribe or treat any psychiatric disorders.

What Types Of Things Do You Coach On?

In short, wanting something other than what you have.

Less fighting, stress, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, fear, procrastination, aggression, negativity, non-serving habits, disconnection, triggers, fog, self-deprecation….

More happiness, fulfillment, time, passion, action, connection, tolerance, clarity, freedom, love, money, confidence…

How Do We Meet?

Our coaching sessions are commonly conducted virtually via phone, video conference, and through email. I also offer live - in person coaching in my office in Fremont, WA at no additional cost.

How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

I offer a wide range of 1-on-1 and group coaching packages and sessions at affordable price points. Not sure what would be the best fit for your situation? Contact me directly for a FREE 15-minute consultation. Get a quote.

Students, referral, Inner Circle discounts, and payment plans are available.

NOTE: Coaching fees and packages will always vary depending on the coach and their practice. I recommend always doing your due diligence and inquiring not only about the investment, but training, certification, and style before you commit to working with someone. Your coach should be able to provide their package rates and details about their practice upfront.

Do you only work with womxn and adults?

Nope! I work with individuals of all genders and sexual orientation, children, teens, couples, friends, families, small companies, schools! 

Can I Purchase A Life Coaching Package For Someone Else?

Yes! Sessions and packages can be purchased as a gift for someone if and only if the recipient consents to being coached. Parents and caregivers can also purchase packages for their child/teen.