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EP018: Self-Love within Forgiveness and Strength to move forward with Anna Willard and Reita Johnston

Reita Johnston, Certified Life Coach and Trauma-Informed Reiki Practitioner joins Anna Willard, host of the Spirituality of Strength Training podcast and shares her journey of self-love through this practice of Forgiveness as she set herself to live from a place of Freedom. 

During this episode, Reita Johnston shares her wisdom and experiences of Forgiveness.  You will learn the . . . . 

  • The layers of forgiveness, self, other, and for the things we may not know 

  • How to create safety within the body and environment to be able to invite forgiveness

  • How forgiveness can break generational trauma

  • Most common places forgiveness lives within the body 

  • How to take baby steps within the forgiveness practice 

  • How to not force forgiveness but flow with it 

  • Speaking your truth about trauma and forgiving self

  • How to teach the next generation to give forgiveness 

>>> Listen to the podcast here <<<

Other things you will lean from Reita is these two key things of healing within forgiveness: 

"When you feel you heal"

"With this trauma work, you can never go too slow with healing with forgiveness, but you can go to fast."