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About Reita

Hi, I'm Reita Johnston, an Attainment Coach, Reiki Practitioner, workshop facilitator and writer.  My passion is coaching you through freeing yourself from overwhelm and lack, increasing your confidence and self worth & helping you build a solid foundation for radically living out your best life. 


Are you living fully alive?

From 'what's next?' to 'how do I get there?' I guide you through taking the steps needed to move your life forward by helping you gain clarity on what you want, work through challenges and setbacks, find more life balance and gain a deeper connection with yourself.  My work incorporates powerful tools, techniques and training, questioning, life experiences and heartfelt compassion to help you get down to the core and past any blocks keeping you stuck so that you can live fully alive.   


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Reita has helped me gain clarity with the very things that I had difficulties with. She helped me recognize that although stuff happens in life sometimes we have to stop for a moment and just breathe. Life can be chaotic and that’s okay you just have to create a vision and go for what your heart desires. Be a warrior not a worrier!! Everything else will fall in place.
— K.W.
Reita is a lifesaver. No, really. I thought I would be able to come to her and tell her my laundry list of goals and walk away with some fairy godmother dust to magically get it all done. But what happened was so much better. She supported me though the goals, yes, but she nudged me to look deeper at them (and myself) at the same time. Without even realizing it happened, the gentle wisdom she offered turned into some pretty deep realizations. My goals have shifted in the best possible way, and I’m finally feeling ready to move forward instead of just treading water. Reita is kind, affirming, funny, and attentive. I can’t thank her enough for the work she did with me and the service she provides to the world.
— B.S.
I had the pleasure to receive reiki from Reita. What an amazing experience, it felt like an energetic massage and my energy field was all warm and light afterwards. I could fell shifts and movement and her intuition matched up with my release. It was really nice to have a snack and refreshment afterwards, energy work always makes me hungry. Thanks so much, Aho!
— T.W.