Hi! I'm Reita, a Certified Life Coach, Trauma-Informed Reiki Practitioner (pronounced RAY-key), writer, educator, coffee lover, and founder of Power House Coaching.  So how the heck did I get here?  It's a long story but the cliff-notes version is after nearly a decade in the Financial Services world, I left to focus on recovering from the long term effects of stress, trauma and oppression that were not only affecting my life and the lives of those around me, but showing up in my physical body as well.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and wanted a deeper understanding on how to not just "get by" but create a life I truly loved and thrived in.

My mission to take my life back turned my life around and became a full blown crusade to coach and support others through the same and in 2015, Power House Coaching (PHC) was founded to specialize in life coaching for your whole-self: emotional health, stress management, change groundwork, personal development, trauma processing and life skills. Through this work I've gained a deeper sense of connection, balance and freedom and realized that you step into your power when you no longer let your past control your future.  

My career as a coach and transformation facilitator has been forged through 15+ years in high-pressure, high-volume management positions, life experiences, and 20+ years of trainings, tools and resources.

With certifications in Transformational Life Coaching and Reiki Healing, I've studied Somatic Experiencing at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, I’m a community collaborator and healing arts educator with Integrate!, a published author, Equity Team member, workshop facilitator, and mental health advocate.

My passion + the mission of Power House Coaching is to support you to balance, connect and thrive in life.



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*As a Certified Life Coach, Reita follows the International Coach Federation {ICF} and International Association of Coaching {IAC} guidelines with strict confidentiality, keeping all conversations and and information shared during sessions private.