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Thrive 8™ Wellness In The Workplace is a Corporate workshop focused on the overall well-being of the employee, from stress reduction to creating healthier habits and solid foundations for change.

Happier, balanced, less stressed employees that have access to a wider range of coping skills and a greater understanding of how their environment affects them personally = healthier, happier, more productive, present, creative employees that are able to function in a more well rounded way. 

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • gain a clear understanding of how the body processes stress and how it affects your nervous system

  • learn to identify your personal triggers using Somatic Experiencing®

  • learn trauma-informed coping strategies to manage stress in a healthier way

  • create a customized Thrive 8™ Wellness Plan to help you thrive and find balance in the 8 major areas of your life

Available as a 2-hour or half-day workshop. Pricing varies based on location, employee count and event duration.

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This workshop helped me realize how much I internalize my feelings and disconnect with myself and others out of fear.  I’ve realized how little self care I practice, how important it is and how checking in with myself will help me with my relationships with others too.  This was so valuable.
— V.S. [Marketing and Finance]
My biggest takeaway from Thrive 8 was the expansion of my mind. It really opened me up to new ways of thinking and doing things to get the results I want.
— J.H. [Consultant]
This workshop helped me realize my power and that calmness is a benefit to any challenging situation.
— P.B. [Entrepreneur]