The fastest way to get where you want to be

A question that often comes up in some form or another whenever we start to make changes and shifts in our life is how long will we be in this change?  When will the effects of these choices be over and solid?  When will this growth process be done and when will we reach the "other side" of things?

Here’s the thing. Those changes we really want deep down in our hearts don’t always happen over night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself questioning how long something was going to take before having to put myself in check. Think about it, we often want immediate change to something that we’ve been doing/ believing/ experiencing for the past 20, 30+ years. 


 When is change going to come? When will we find fulfillment?  In the now. The day to day interactions. The day to day decisions we make. The day to day steps that we take to move toward what our heart truly wants and in allowing ourself grace to get back on track if we wander. ♥

Frustration and self-sabotage is resisting the moment and wanting it to be something other than what it is.  We can’t predict exactly when or what will happen. We can plan and we can take whatever steps we feel we need to take to move towards change but the truth is, all we truly have is this moment.  Commit to the process, not the timeframe.  Commit to being present, not focused on the outcome.


Share your comments below.  How can you fully show up in the now?  Who would you be then?  




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